Terms and Conditions

Amendments to Terms and Conditions

Bling Style Pvt. Ltd. (VAT TIN NO. 27491101841V) reserve the rights to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice. All amendments will be applicable immediately after the updates are made on this site. You are encouraged to visit the Terms and Conditions each time you sign up/sign in for our services and products to remain updated on the amendments, if any.

Online Account

As a registered user, you are required to login to www.BlingBag.co.in using your email id and a password of your choice. You will be solely responsible to keep your password confidential and safe. Any order placed from your login ID will be considered as order placed by you and will be fulfilled accordingly.

Terms of Operations

www.BlingBag.co.in in its sole discretion reserves the right to suspend or cancel any of its services at any time without any prior notice. All outstanding orders will, however, be fulfilled www.BlingBag.co.in reserves the rights to refuse services to anyone at any time without assigning any reasons for the decision. www.BlingBag.co.in will not be responsible for any damage caused to anyone by the use of its website.

Warranty and Liability:

www.BlingBag.co.in will not be responsible for any damage arising out of the use of the products shipped to the members or the products bought through “Bling Boutique”. We accept no liability for any delay or failure to perform our obligation under this Terms and Conditions if such a delay or failure is due to the circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Copyright and Intellectual Property:

All information displayed on the website is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. This site is designed, updated and managed independently by www.BlingBag.co.in. You should not copy, modify, publish, transfer, sell, reproduce, distribute, display or in any way commercially exploit the content of www.BlingBag.co.in failing which suitable legal actions will be taken under the jurisdiction of Thane Courts.

Monthly Subscriptions

Damaged Products: Our team carries out rigorous quality checks to eliminate the chances of shipping a damaged product to our members. However, in the rare event if you find that a damaged product(s) are shipped in your Bling Bag, we will replace it with another piece of the same or similar kind based on our stocks. Kindly email us at support@blingbag.co.in to inform us about the damage along with its picture within 48 hours from the time you receive your Bling Bag and we will explain you the next steps.

Repeated Products: Bling Bag being a monthly subscription service, we try out best to ensure that you get different styles of jewellery every month and not repeat a particular product twice. We identify unique members via email addresses. If the same member places multiple orders via different email addresses, we will not be able to track duplicate products being sent to the same member and cannot guarantee unique products across multiple months of subscription. However, if the same product (with exact size, shape and color) is received by the same member with unique email address, we will be happy to replace the product with another one. Kindly email us at support@blingbag.co.in to inform us about the duplicate product along with its picture within 48 hours from the time you receive your Bling Bag and we will explain you the next steps.

Address Change Requests: Our subscribers can change the shipping addresses for their monthly subscription Bling Bag before the 25th of the previous month. For timely operational reasons, we will not be able to accept the address change after the  25th of the previous month as we ship the pre-paid subscriptions on priority early in the month. Email us your new address at team@blingbag.co.in and we will send your next month's bag to the new address. In case of no information received, the bag will be returned back to us and we will be able to ship it at your new address at an additional shipping cost. 

Hold Bling Bag Shipment: We accept requests from our members to hold their shipment for the month if they are travelling or likely to be not available during the time the Bling Bag will reach them. Please inform us about holding the shipment before 25th of the previous month. With your further instructions, we will ship your bag once you are available. For timely operational reasons, we will not be able to accept your requests if received after  25th of the previous month as we ship the pre-paid subscriptions on priority early in the month. 

Missed Delivery Bling BagsFor prepaid orders which are returned back to us due to unavailability of anyone to accept the shipment on the provided shipping address, we will attempt to re-ship the bag with the next month’s Bling Bag (if applicable). However, if there is no further Bling Bag subscription outstanding, or if the member would like to receive the bag before the next subscription is received, we can ship the bag with an additional Rs. 100 Delivery charges. All Cash-on-Delivery orders that are returned to us are reshipped only after the payment for the same is made online.

Style Profile for Monthly Bling Bag: We at Bling Bag believe that Style is unique and personal. "One Style doesn't suit all" and so our style experts hand-pick blings for individual subscribers to suit their unique style and preferences. Our style profile is thoughtfully designed to generate insights which helps us to curate blings one will likely fall in love with. For long term subscriptions, any changes to the style profile for the next bag should be done by 25th of the previous month. For new orders, any changes to the style profile should be done within 6 hours of placing the order. While our experts always consider the latest style profile while curating the bag, in the event where the style profile is submitted after the mentioned timelines, there might be a chance of the bag curated as per your previous style profile. 

Monthly Bling Bag Contents: We guarantee blings worth  atleast double the subscription amount. We curate 3 to 4 pieces of blings every month. The quantity of the blings depend on the style profile of individual subscriber. Bonus Blings sent out as part of the multi month subscriptions or any free bling as part of offers will not be curated as per the style profile. 

Monthly Bag / Pouch:  We try and design bags / pouches as per the theme and to keep the uniqueness factor high, we may design bags with multiple colors / prints. Bags with random colors / prints will be sent in your subscription. However, the overall design of the bag will not be compromised. In case our bags are sold out for the month, we will contact you for your permission if we can send you a bag from our previous collections. Bags are complimentary and will not be exchanged / replaced. 

Bling Bucks for Non-accepted Orders : Orders which are not accepted or cancelled and were placed using Bling Bucks discounts will not be credited back to the account. 

Shipping:  Bling Bag is happy to offer free shipping for 3, 6, 12 months subscription plan. For all other orders, additional shipping charges as levied by our logistics partners are applicable.