Bling Bucks

Be a Bling Bag Member. Shop at Bling Boutique. Gift a Bling Bag - Get Bling Bucks!

Here at Bling Bag, we believe in rewarding you heavily on - registering with us, every membership plan you sign up for, every membership you gift to your loved ones and every product you purchase from Bling Boutique.

Earn 10 Bling Bucks on registering with us. Further, on your purchase of Bling Boutique products or subscription plans, we will credit Bling Bucks as specified for that product. As soon as you gather any Bling Buck in your account, you can start redeeming them to renew your membership plans or to buy fantastic products from our Bling Boutique.  Just add the desired products or membership plans to the Shopping Cart and on 'Check Out', you will be given an option to Redeem Bling Bucks. 1 Bling Buck is equivalent to Rupee 1 in value. You may redeem a part or all of your accumulated Bling Bucks in your account and equivalent amount will be deducted from your overall payment to be made to Bling Bag.

Bling Bucks are non-transferrable to any other membership account.

You can find your Bling Bucks in your 'My Account' after you login to our website.


Disclaimer:  Bling Bucks will be credited to your account only if you login to your account before making a purchase. Any order placed without logging into your account will not earn Bling Bucks as we will not be able to idenfity you. Bling Bucks will not be credited for purchases made using discounts. Bling Bucks will not be credited if existing Bling Bucks balance is used in purchasing the products